Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi, I am Why? After months and months of being badgered into blogging by my spouse and friend (Biddie and Heidi), I have decided to try my hand at this blogging thing.

I hope that the views and info found here will prove to be helpful and/or entertaining. We like to joke around and have fun, but I feel that my first blog should be about something that I feel is of the utmost importance and rarely gets the attention that it deserves.

You would have to be blind not see the troubles in the world - places like Darfur, and the Middle East, but we have our own problems right here at home.

Did you know that everyday right here in Canada, countless children are born with great columns of cheddar in place of their legs.

Now, you may stop and say "Big deal. How bad could it be, having cheddar for legs?"

Stop to think of the challenges of walking on hot days. As you know, the melting point of cheddar is 25 degrees. Temperatures can well exceed that during the summer months.

Not to mention the hardships faced during the winter months. We all know how cheddar gets when the temperature drops. It becomes brittle and unpliable.

Let me tell you a story of a young boy that I work with. We'll call him Billy. Whose only dream was to see Young Street in Toronto. I had to look down at that childs innocent, greasy face and tell him 'NO' due to the high levels of rodents and homeless people.

We simply did not have the money in our budget to provide security for Billy to thwart off the throngs of rodents and hungry homeless.

You can help young people like Billy. Send your donations to
:Slice Me Off A Chunk, Huh?
c/o Great Big Columns Of Cheddar For Legs
555 Brie Ave,
Curdville, Ontario

Please check your childrens legs regularly. Together, we CAN make a difference.
Hey! You There! No Copying Without MY Permission!